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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post

Measures 11.58v at the battery at idle and 11.8 when revved right now. Was not able to get it any higher even with revving it high.
Later you said battery voltage was 12.9v. Presumably after charging? (BTW, batteries do have high voltage for a short while immediately after charging). If voltage is 11.8v, regulator should allow battery to be charged and you should see something like 14.5V until regulator cuts out.

It does sound like the alternator is not charging, but why would this not happen until you ran battery dead? Also, why would the charge light not come on? If it doesn't come on when you first turn key on, that could be the problem. Burned bulb can cause charging problems. If regulator is bad, light should be on but very dim - probably only see it in dark.

I would first fully charge the battery, then do a load test on the battery. If you don't have a load tester, take the battery back to Walmart and have them check it. If the battery is good, then clean all terminals and ground and try again.

After that - back to regulator or alternator.

Last time I had an alternator problem, I just took original in and had it refurbished. We have a couple of places that do that in Kingston. I used a small shop Starter, Alternator,Generator,Rebuilt Starter, Rebuilt Alternator, Rebuilt Generator, Rebuilder,Auto Electric, Auto Electric Rebuilders. Worked out fine.

Good Luck with it.
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