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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
Actually I rounded that off... it was 12.92. It had been on the charger for a few hours earlier in the evening. However, the charger indicated it wasn't done when I turned it off, said the battery was only at 90 percent (and was still pumping in 2.4A on a 12A charge setting).

If I take that car to work tomorrow, I will wait and listen for the relay to click off before I fire it up.
If you just remove the Battery from the Charger and take the Voltage the Voltage will be higher then if you let it sit 30 minutes and take the Voltage.

If the Car Doors were open all day and the light were on you could have damaged you new Battery and that could cause the Alternator issues.

On the other End is the Alternator Electrical Connector nice and Clean and what conditions are the grounds and cables in.

Is the Alternator Pulley and Belts in order. Just because a Mechanic installed them does not mean there could not be a issue with that.
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