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Originally Posted by DB444 View Post
I bought a 1982 240D yesterday.
Clutch shutters a lot off the line.
Otherwise seems OK.
Car has very little power,less much less than other 240d's I've known.
Pump timing check?
How's that go,again.
In the case of this thread it sounds like who ever installed the used Fuel Injection Pump installed it wrong or badly botched the Drip Timing.

The OP rotated the Engine to 24 degrees BTDC on the Compression Stroke and pull the Pump of and found the timing marks on the Pump gear and Bearing Plate were 3 teeth off.
I corrected that and re-installed the IP and Drip Timed it and all was good.

The Drip timing method is the same for all that use the Drip Timing. The Timing degrees you need should be on a sticker up at the Front of the Car under the Hood along with the Valve adjusting Clearances.
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Beyond the above stuff when I first got My Car it was scary slow when you first put your foot into the Pedal. Once it built up speed it drove normally.
It turned out My Throttle linkages were extremely sloppy and what was happening is I simply was not getting enough throttle lever movement at the Fuel Injection Pump.
With the Engine Cold and it does not need to be running either. Grab a hold of the Throttle Lever on the Fuel Injection Pump and have someone step on the Accelerator Pedal and watch your linkages.
You will be able to see if there is a lot of play in them before the Linkages try to move the Throttle Lever on the Fuel Injection Pump.
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