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I use a simple voltmeter that plugs in the cigarette lighter in all my 84+ cars. Most are the $4 (on sale) LED lights one from Harbor Freight, but also have a $15 Eqquis w/ digital display from Amazon. The HF one has lights for engine off and engine on. Ideally 12.6 V off and 13.4 V on (alternator working). My 60's Mopars have an in-dash ammeter to monitor battery charge/discharge.

I also have a Black & Decker "smart" battery charger with a alternator function test. It doesn't measure output current, but simply looks for a sinusoidal voltage that indicates your alternator is active.

I also bought an H8 battery for my 85 300D (Duralast Gold). It fits fine and was cheaper than the factory "74 frame" (or such, forgot).
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