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Passing Thru

Originally Posted by vstech View Post
I've met, raj not sure of his screen name... he lives near me, thayer, Jay Bob, Greazzer, Twalgamuth, Whunter, BustedBenz, baptr, of course Mach4, and a few other members that have either bought stuff from my yard, or sold me a car ytmtnman... bought a car, etc...
likely around 20
I REALLY should have written down the members' names I've met... (all members that came to my yard to buy or sell stuff or just to help I'd love to have a list of you all!)
John - I stopped by a couple of times for parts when I was travelling (maybe 2-3 years ago?). I bought a W126 rear window, a front quarter panel for my 300SD, and a few other minor items...

Haven't met any others face-to-face...
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