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Originally Posted by GTStinger View Post
I think the tipping point was moving to a house without a garage and my wife starting to work weekends. Now I find myself stressing about when I can work on it with daylight available and no toddler or dog to watch. Iíve kept up with the essential stuff: brakes, fluids, valve adjustments. Just seems like I never find time to fix the center vents or go to the yard to find a power seat switch. And those are the little things that you need to make the car feel enjoyable.
i hear you on that. i live in a city, have no garage and not even a driveway to do work in. that means i have to do everything out on a busy street during daylight hours. no repairs that cause the car to have to sit for more than a few days because of street sweeping tickets. it irks me when some members here criticize people for taking their car to a shop to have something done not knowing that for some things its impossible to DIY depending on circumstance
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