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Smile W124 wheel bearing reassembly

Fantastic!! Thank You.
I spent hours hammering the hell out of the thing with a slide hammer. Once I got your reply, I followed your advice and stripped the part out. It took 30 minutes to pull the bearing and replace with the use of a press belonging to a farmer friend of mine and now it's back on . definitely the ONLY way to do the job. However.... I cannot for the life of me reassemble the handbrake mechanism. Does anyone have any photo's/advice as to how to put this all back together??? It was stripped out by a friend whilst I was making some coffee for us both, when I returned, it was all carefully laid out in the tray. Now my colleague is laid up in bed with the flu and I am struggling to get this little job done before I freeze to death in my garage! My SL is still outside and so far it has frosted on her, rained on her and now right at this moment it is throwing down snow the size of golfballs on her. She spent seven months in dry storage this year because of work commitments in Europe and never moved. I put her outside to do this job for one day (I Thought) and the heavens have emptied on her. ADVICE: Don't come to England in the winter!
Photos and advice please?
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