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Weird Transmission Issue

1992 250D (W124) 249k Auto

The car developed, about 1000 miles ago, some transmission slip when cold. It recently developed a LOT of slip when cold... it was almost un-driveable, slipping too much to get up hills; I'd have to drive the car in reverse to warm up the transmission before putting it in drive. Once warm, it ran pretty well, with some occasional flare, usually on 2-3.

I changed the transmission fluid (didn't change the filter because I didn't have one, one is on order and I'll swap it once it comes in) and it tightened right up! Still the occasional flare, but it drove great cold...

Until today, about a week later, when I found the EXACT OPPOSITE PROBLEM. No slip at all in low gear, but in 2-3 it will slip completely, and I have to slow down (to embarrassingly low speeds) until it picks back up.

Anyone seen this combination before? I'm looking for a second car so I can keep this one in the garage and fix all of the things that need fixing (blower motor, glow plugs, evaporator, a little body work, the turbo...), but it's been a good driver for 50k miles now.
1992 300D 2.5T 249k - Parked with a bad transmission
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