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Originally Posted by mach4 View Post
I'd estimate about 1/4 inch, but I never actually measured. The window weld might work, but if it's too hard you'll get unpleasant vibration.

Fill them all the way up with a Shore A 30 urethane and you'll be fine.
Someone had suggested to me a product called Liquid Nails, usually available at local hardware or home improvement stores. When I checked the manufacturer website, it claims to be Shore 30.

However, my impression has been that this discussion really has been around cheap motor mounts. If you bought a quality brand like Lemfoerder or Phoneix or Corteco, I would not bother with filling them.

Of course if you're like me, and bought a set of Anchors at under $4 from the Rock (for 617 NA), just for poops and giggles, then yeah....

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