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Sorry I wasn't clear about what was written. The cap should be replaced right away, as it will cause a vacuum leak.

The pin I mentioned is a separate, internal transmission part and part of the modulator set up. I replaced mine when I replaced the modulator and found the pin was broken. Shifting was all over the place, sometimes smooth and usually not. Here is a pic of the pin: Pelican Parts - Automotive Parts and Accessories - Porsche & BMW
Likely, it was broken when a previous owner tried to replace the modulator to fix hard shifting on the transmission.

I've gone through the PIA of replacing the modulator, pin and adjustments and that is why I recommended clearing up all of the other, especially vacuum, problems first. From what I've read here, the modulator on the MB's, of this era at least, is designed to smooth the shift not to determine the shift point as is typical of U.S.-made cars.

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