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One thing you could have done with the head off, was pour light oil or kerosine in the #1 cylinder and see how fast it flows past the rings, compared to the other cylinders. It seems that #1 cylinder fails first in most 5 cyl M-B diesels. Mine did, with chunks of something bouncing around that left deep marks in the piston and pre-chamber. Mine did have the notorious "trap oxidizer" (1985 CA). When I tore it down, ~3 pistons had chunks missing around the ring grooves, so maybe they were close to going also.

One diagnostic I have done on my gas engines is to apply air with the piston at TDC compression, and listen & feel for where it is flowing out - exhaust pipe, intake, or crankcase. I could probably do that on my M-B diesels since my HF compression test kit uses a similar quick-connect fitting.

If you do remove your engine and tear down the block, look-up my post on changing my cylinder sleeves. It was easier than most people indicate. Getting good pistons can be expensive. I left my block with new sleeves, but haven't had the top milled or the sleeves honed. Someday, when I need it.
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