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No special tips needed.

If you have the Haynes manual, you are 90% on your way, just need to get a new ignition key barrel and fabricate the sort of prong as indicated in the manual.

I had the same experience (as far as jiggling the keys is concerned) with the ignition key switch barrel. Bought a new barrel and tried to replace it myself (as per Haynes' instructions). However, in my case, I was a little unlucky in that the retaining clip for the barrel at the back broke off so no matter how hard I tried (45 mins), the barrel would not dislodge with the prong and key trick.

Sent Babybenz to the mechs and even they took an hour before getting it out (20 bucks labour) but I believe it should not be a problem if the barrel retainer clip is still intact at the back.

No worries!

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