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I changed the two rubber bushings on the sway bar you point to in my 85 300D. If the spindle is disconnected as shown (not your car), there is no force on the sway bar, other than maybe a little twist from the rubber bushings of the UCA (can loosen that thru bolt to relieve). Even if the spindle stays connected, if you get the wheels at the same height, the sway bar should apply no force. What I might have done (years ago) is put a jack under the LCA of the wheel I was working on and jacked up/down until the sway bar applied no load, then slipped the UCA off. I don't recall any special tools, just a blunt screwdriver to pick out the bushing and maybe some a long bolt, nut, and big washers to pull the new bushings in. I think you can buy an LCA w/ bushings installed fairly cheap, so search first.

Important - before you tighten down on the bushings, get the suspension at the correct ride height, which you can do with a jack under the LCA if tire is off. Use a level to insure the front bumper is horizontal.
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