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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Pull the Alternator and have it tested. Pulling it off of the Car rules out any Car Wiring issues.

When I had one tested a PepBoys I was shocked that they gave me a little print out; in My case telling Me what tests the Alternator did not pass.

Charge the Batter and also have the Load Test the Battery.
We don't have Pep Boys or any of the other US stores up here. But when in USA, I took my E320 to an Advance Auto and they produced a printout showing my alternator was bad. I had a bad feeling about what they did, so took it to another store. There the young guy was a racing car guy, and knew what he was doing. He didn't even hook up the tester. Nothing wrong with alternator. 2 years later still good!

If alternator is to be tested, I would take it to a proper auto-electric shop. (Not Crappy Tire )
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