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Originally Posted by eatont9999 View Post

Could someone help me with finding the factory specs for the length of each throttle link and how it is measured? I want to make sure mine are the right length to help rule out a mis-adjustment. I can only find people talking about how to set them by feel; not MB spec. I can't get the Startek site to work on my Mac; never have been able to use that site.

You'll need the section from the FSM.

Here's the one for a 1983 300D. There should be some similarity, but really you're going to have to get the sheet for the w126.

You'll see at the top of the sheet the length for each rod in millimeters. I used several sets of calipers of varying lengths. Holding the rod horizontal I measured from the right inner surface of each ball joint, that way I didn't have to measure the gap and then compensate to find the centers.

EDIT: Scratch that. Starting on page 20 of that link is the specs for model 126.120. You might be able to use that after all.
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