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Holy crap!!!

The clutch fan is not engaged ALL THE TIME.

It just free wheels and there is a 2mm gap maintained. It doesn't lock-up at all.

I disconnected all the elect. fans and let the temp go up to 110 deg and the clutch fan does not lock up.

I will look at wiring the clutch fan to come on with the high speed elect. fan.

Mods aside, the car does not overheat running with the 2 elect. fans at 30 to 33 deg outside temp. Running temp. is about 85 to 90 deg. If I let the car idle in Park, it will do so without overheating even on a very hot day.

However, it came close to 105 deg the other day when I was stuck in a really longgggg jam...that was too hairy for me!!!

However, with the clutch fan sensor wires disconnected (there is a short in the wires, remember?), the fuse for the tach/clutch fan still blows (no tach). I will still have to trace for the short.

I insist to wire the clutch fan to the elect. fan even if i get the short sorted out coz I am very uncomfortable with the clutch fan's "turn-on" temp.

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