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Originally Posted by Graham View Post
We don't have Pep Boys or any of the other US stores up here. But when in USA, I took my E320 to an Advance Auto and they produced a printout showing my alternator was bad.
I had a bad feeling about what they did, so took it to another store. There the young guy was a racing car guy, and knew what he was doing. He didn't even hook up the tester. Nothing wrong with alternator. 2 years later still good!

If alternator is to be tested, I would take it to a proper auto-electric shop. (Not Crappy Tire )
Not much in the World is infallible especially People. When you take items to be tested you are gathering information.

In My particular case I took the Alternator to Autozone and they said it was not working (like in your case I did not trust them).

I then took it to PepBoys and they also said it was not working and the print out said why it was not working.

I had bought the Alternator on eBay and the Seller in his Ad had said it was tested OK.
That little piece of Paper from PepBoys got My Money refunded and they just gave me the Alternator.
(I told the Seller that the Item was not as described because He had said the item had been tested and worked.)

I thought; great, a free alternator I can rebuild!
As it turned out it looks like the Alternator had be submerged a long time in Water and the innards were rusted, and I bent something taking it apart.
So no joy there.

84 300D, 82 Volvo 244Gl Diesel

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