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Originally Posted by TnBob View Post
No post glow that Im aware of. GP turns power on to the glow plugs and when the relay times out, zero power is what you should read.
Good to know. I just need to check the part number on the relay, however, as there was a post-glow relay sold for a number of years... and I know what I have in there now is a different part number than what came with car when I purchased it. It's one I got from another forum member.

Reason I ask: this morning I let the relay go for more than 30 seconds and did not hear it click off. Went back to power off and turned the key again, it engaged again and I did hear it make a sound after a while, however it was not the distinct CLICK that this relay usually makes, more like a muffled TWUP. I checked and sure enough, I had 10.9v at the first glowplug, and that was way over the 30-second mark by that point.

My immediate reaction was that vstech had nailed it, it was him who suggested the relay, but then I remembered the post-glow relay angle.

Anyway I left the relay unplugged after startup and did the same when I left the office.

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