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I did my first flush using that ~1 quart sized metal can. Pain in the ass like no other, I bought this thing as I have so many old vehicles it just made sense - Flush Gun - Copyright 2008 Hecat

TXV... best for me is to have the car up on ramps or jackstands up front. Then I can kneel beside the door and stuff my body in there. Removing the steering wheel would help too.

Ah, I did not realize you are in HI. R12 sells for about $25/12oz can here in Texas or about $300 for a 30lb tank. How much of a penalty is there to ship it there? I believe 134A with a parallel flow condenser, aforementioned fan+pulley upgrades, and a Sanden would work well. Just no clue how volatile the climate is there, I am sure humidity is there like when I am in Houston for extended periods of time.

Never thought about replacing that foam business. If you figure it out, I am sure we would like to know!
I'm not a doctor, but I'll have a look.

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