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I need to bend someones ear about my car issues

3 weeks ago I was involved in a somewhat minor collision with my 87 300D, I was on the freeway on my way home after a long days work, in rush hour traffic and took my eyes off the road just long enough to look in my side mirror, preparing to move a lane over, when I looked forward again traffic was stopped 10 feet in front of me and i wasnt. I hit a mid 90's Mazda truck, not that hard but it doesnt take much with a MB, the truck didnt have a scratch, his rear bumper lined up perfectly with my headlights and grill, there was no other outside damage, ie. fenders, hood, bumper. they were untouched. but it bent my core support and pushed my radiator into something (thats all I knew at the time because i was loosing coolant and couldn't get the hood open) I was able to shut the car off almost immediately so I know the engine never overheated, the car was towed home, then I loaded it onto my car trailer and towed it to the body shop, once they got the hood open they called me down there because I told them I wanted to see the damage before it was pulled out, (I wanted to look to see if any engine parts might have been compromised ) what I saw was, the radiator was pushed back into the p/s pump a little bit, thats where the loss of coolant came from, and a fan blade was chipped, so I had them replace the fan blade and clutch, new radiator, good used A/C condenser and electric fan.
Backing up a little bit,, when I drove the car onto my car trailer to take it to the bodyshop I noticed the Idle was unusually low and the car was vibrating, but I figured it had to do with what ever was pushed into the radiator (remember I had not been able to open the hood yet at this point) but it still bothered me enough to tell the body shop to hold off on the new paint job until I here this thing run again ( the collision didn't cause the car to need a paint job, I have been wanting one for a while and figured Hell, its already there might as well have it done at the same time ) granted i only carry liability insurance so this whole thing is coming out of my pocket. So I told them I wanted to make sure this thing doesn't have engine issues before I fork out the cash for a paint job.
Fast forward back to the present, the car is all put back together the way it was pre accident, save for the 91 2.5T passenger side vented fender I have been saving for the past 2 years. this eve after work I ran down there to hear it run and nothing has changed, extremely low vibrating idle .
not sure how to explain it other than the feel of a bad OVP relay.
Once again no fuel lines oil cooler lines or any other lines where damaged in the accident, would a minor collision cause a OVP to go bad? its located at the fire wall, far away from any damage.
I didn't think about the OVP till I was on my way home or I would have checked the fuse and Or pulled it to see if there was a difference.
the car doesn't die and still revs up just fine. its just the idle that I have noticed, I have not actually drove it so I cant tell you if there is a loss of power.
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