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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
I wonder what's not "up to par "on the brakes...fluid flush and cleaning will do wonders for them. Find a 94E320 & grab them brakes for awesome stopping power
I did a flush about a year ago on the car. The pads are pretty thin in the front now. He really got his bang for his buck with the pads. Also, I did not think of later w124 brakes. Good idea. I always liked this car from the start. After 75-80 is when this car really hits its sweet spot. It needs a tire as the front has a gash from recently but I'm gonna throw some 16" w210 wheels on I have as spares. Now to work on my 81 240D and sell it so I can justify the 92 300D with myself...
1999 E300 220k
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