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Originally posted by RandyR
Hey Speed Racer,

I would guess that Your failure occured before you turned off the motor or it got very very cold for North Carolina. In general if your engine freezes it will push out the freeze plugs. It's got to get below 0F usually if that's to happen.

But it sounded like you had some antifreeze in the radiator. When you've got some time put some water, or light antifreeze mixture and drive the car until it warms up, and look for the leak. A failed water pump will appear as a spray of water from behind the pulley drive flange.

If You require a replacement pump make sure the impeller inside the replacement pump is the same size as the one that came with the car.

Good Luck,

Randy Roeges

Thank You for your reply...Today I did as you suggested. I refilled about 1 gallon of anit-freeze I ran the car in my driveway for a while with no leaks or mist spray...I then took it for a drive. I noticed it got a little on the warm side when I got it up to 60mph but it did not quite reach the 100 degree mark but as soon as a slowed down a bit the temp dropped back to normal. I let sit in my driveway again after all this, again no leaks ... Very strange could the thermostat be faulty and somehow caused the leak the other night... Thank you again for your help!

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