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- Spark Plugs - use Bosch part #H9DCO - books calls for gap of .032 - some like to spread it out to .036-.040 for a smoother idle.

- MB wires are metal - don't need to change - just order resistor tips - they screw off/on - easy.

- http://www.************************ has specialty tools for 103 motor. Some can get plug resistors off by hand - I can't - use special MB pliers. Also need special Stahlwille 8mm allen head socket and ft. long metal rod for removing fan clutch. You do this to change serp. belt or the clutch or h2o pump, or a # of other tasks. You can call these folks - they have 800 # @ web site - faster than InterNet.

- Cap & rotor - you can order from this site and likely get if FAST since you're in S. F. I once ordered parts from here & they came from a place called South S. F. Wholesalers...something like that.

- Oil filter - Use Mann W719/13 or Mahle-Knecht OC110. Hengst also make OEM - I forget the #.

- My 103 uses 6.3 qts during filter/oil change.

- Power steering - Mann H85 - forget Hengst #

- Use MB power steering fluid - get from dealer unless you want to pay for shipping something that weighs a bit.

- Coolant - use MB - get from dealer - too heavy to ship

- Brake fluid - Use Dot-4 - Castol is good - there are others.
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