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As far as specialty TOOLS go, you don't need much.

Spark Plugs - I think I used the standard 5/8 inch spark splug socket that came with my socket wrench kit. For my M117, had to use 13/16.

Wires - I replaced mine. You can get spark plug wire pullers, but I was able to remove mine by hand.

Cap and Rotor - both used 5mm hex bit. For the cap, I used a universal joint for the lower screw.

Oil change- There's a cap wrench with a socket attachment that you can get for the oil filter, which works out well for torque wrenches. But I don't know the specifics offhand. For draining the oil, I used a Topsider vacuum system to suck the oil out of the dipstick. You can do a search on that and find plenty of information. Typically sold by boat shops.

Air filter - 10mm socket.

Haven't done the others yet. For tool places, Harbor Freight has a large assortment and is online. There are lots of places:
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