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Unhappy 1992 300e 2.6

Today, I had my car serviced (as always) at the dealership -- oil change and front brakes.

When I arrived at the shop, my driver's side window was working; however, when I picked up my car, the driver's side window had mysteriously stopped working. I know brake work doesn't require disassembly of the door (duh!), but I'm wondering if it's possible for the window to malfunction if, say, the door was slammed or manipulated in some way.

The dealership says it doesn't know that the window was working before I dropped off the car, but I am concerned that the door was possibly handled improperly which caused the window to stop working. By the way, when I press the button, I can hear the power window motor running, so I know something in there is still working! Please respond ... I pick it up in the morning and would like to be able to address my concerns.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. I have 137,000 miles on my car, and have never had anything like this go wrong with my otherwise lovely car!
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