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no leaking on my '99 turbodiesel

My '99 E300D may have been in this category but the PO has vanished. He was a Forum member for a while and that's how I found the car. He stopped posting on the forum after he sold his 240D/123 so not going to find out the history on this issue. I don't recall him telling me that had to be replaced either, I surely would have remembered it because my W140 car (now gone to a parts heaven) had a monovalve replaced and the PO told me it cost him something like $520 (its easily three times more complicated than the W210 valve!).

The reason I wonder about the valve may have been replaced is because along with the vehicle came a trunk full of parts he accumulated during the several years he owned the car (the car was sold out of Sacramento, a one owner car until Anghrist bought it and used it 6.5 years).
Anyhow, in the trunk was a monovalve, brand new still in the MB box.
I just pulled the stuff out of storage to see what was there but it specs out to be for an E430 gasser. It doesn't even resemble a diesel valve. I suspect he bought it by mistake or was told it would fit his car then found it wouldn't.

So, no smoking gun on my part to report and thus far no coolant leaking from my valve but if there is, you'll be the next to know!
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