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HELP. I'm driving down the mountains on I-40, and when I get to the bottom, I realize that the power brake assist on my brand new (at least to me) 1995 E300D, with 51000 miles on it, is not power assisting any more. I then notice that the transmission now shifts with a pronounced klunk when it shifts, especially going into 4th gear. It seemed to me that both these things went all at once. Is there some sort of pump that provides the suck for these things, or does it pull a vacuum off the manifold? Does anyone have a clue what part failed to cause both these power assist functions to both go at once? Am I correct in assuming that the transmission gets a power assist in the first place? Maybe I just got carried away with things falling apart and assumed the worst. Otherwise the car is a real roadstar, but as I am a travelling salesman, it must work right. Any insights would be really appreciated. mkcos
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