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Spark Plugs, Cables and Spoiler?

guys, need some help and recommendation pls:
W124, 91 model...

1. I recently change my spark plugs to Bosch Platinum Super 4, some frens tell me that this is useless as W124 is best suited with the normal Bosch Copper plugs, is he telling the truth??

2. I also added 'Stromberg Booster' in between my spark plug cables, and it has caused some major distortion in my ICE system, so i am finding for a new cable, any better performance cable around or should i stick back to the OEM like the spark plugs??

3. I purchased a spoiler of what supposedly to be an AMG spoiler, anyone has pic for me to verify this?? Kinda really like the spoiler and its heavy actually but no indication it was from AMG.

Hey! thanks a milllion for your help. btw, do any of you use some performance enhancement tool/gadget/mechanism for your car to boost power e.g. stromberg booster? mine's a 230E so power is kinda inadequate actually.. cheers...
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