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A quick up-date to this nightmare. The entire vacuum pump innards disintegrated, sending metal throughout the engine; this caused the timing chain to break, which then torsion-sheared both camshafts in half, destroying the girdles that hold them in as well. As if that wasn't enough, at least one valve broke too. My question(s) are this: Is this car going to continue with catastrophe? My tech, who has held my hand throughout this says it's going to be a 300,000 mile car. I'm essentially getting a bottom rebuild. Any opinions on this? Anyone every seen this kind of a failure in a diesel engine before. Mercedes-Benz is utterly uninterested, even though the car has only 52,000 miles on it, hiding behind the fact that the repairs are not being done at an authorized repair center. They just sort of said, gee, too bad. That alone is enough to drive me back to BMW. Opinions?
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