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Spencer 300E
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Car stalled out, all dash board lights on?

Coming home from a trip the other night my 300E stalled. Was strange, cold night -20 deg C, blowing snow, car quit just like someone shut off a switch, all the idiot lights came on, plus the air reciculation light flashed on the console. The car came back to life instantly then 2 miles down the road did the same thing, immediately reving up to 4000 rpm due to me stepping on the gas. A little while later it did the same thing again about 4 times in a row, with all the light on the dash coming on during the stalls, then finally did'nt come back at all. Got it towed to a compound, loaded it up on a trailer and put it in a warm building last night. Disconnected the battery, reconnected and the idiot lights went back to their normal on status ( now back the way it was again this morning). Car almost sounded like it was going to start on one attempt but still nothing. Have a battery charger on it now and am going to attempt another crank in a little while but do not expect much hope. Anyone out there have any simular symptoms with stallin and the idiot lights all coming on and what would it be? Please, some insight would be appreciated before I have to haul it to the shop...
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