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Hi Norman, well, as it turns out, the noise has persisted, it was not the differential-to-subframe bushings that were causing this annoyance, although no doubt they needed replacing.

Here is the crazy part: These noises (left and right side) disappear after the car has been through a high-pressure car wash, returning later after the car has sat and dried. I do not lie. They also go away in extreme cold, for instance, today it is 10F (about -15C??), I drove all the way to work in blissful silence. For a car with 110K miles, it feels very much like a new car--except for this irritating creaking/snapping when it starts warming up outside. It is always louder and more consistent from the right side.

My next attempt will be the rear swaybar bushings, if that won't do it, the headliner comes out and I will check the bolts that hold the luggage rack in place. After that, I give up. I don't want to keep annoying the nice folk on this forum with my stupid problems.



PS: Sound system...
Alpine CDE-7170 head unit-single CD player; check out:
for specs...a plug adapter came with the unit which required just slight modification to make it work.
Front speakers: German-made Rainbow 120's, do a search on the Audio forum here for discussions about these exceptional speakers. Should be availabe in the UK.
Rear door speakers: 4-inch Eclipse co-axials-SE8242, fit right in with just a little slivering away of the vinyl under the speaker grill.
1995 MB E320 Wagon
2001 BMW 530i
2007 MINI Cooper S (!)
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