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I have an '86 560 SEL which I bought used 7 years ago from the original owner. The car had 55K then, now 122K. It has been a great ride. I did replace the timing chain and related pieces. These chains seldom break unless the related pieces fail and then get into the chain links. It is more of a time issue than mileage with the chains. Frequent oil changes is your best prevention measure to keep the chain and the rest of the engine in top condition. I have also replaced the valve stem guides and the radiator. And that's about it other than regular service items. Your tranny should be good for well over 200K miles if it has been serviced and not abused. These older 560 SEL's have proven to be the most bullet-proof engine/transmission combinations in the MB line. You will have some things to replace from time to time....but what other car can you buy for under $5K and have the safety, power, comfort, and prestige that you will get with this 560 SEL? Think of the money you will save on car payments and insurance. That will more than take care of any normal expenses you will have. Buy it.....after you get a good inspection, of course.
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