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Originally posted by jcantor
My bulb out indicator will flicker on and off periodically. I've checked all the bulbs at least twice and found nothing. I'm guessing that something is loose some where and will eventually either blow or get stuck in the open circuit position long enough for me to find it.
The metal rail that contains the socket housings for the taillight bulbs get loose over time, and just enough to prevent proper grounding. If you have the bulb indicator lighting up when no lights are on, then remove the taillight cover and press down firmly against the metal rail near each of the bulb sockets.

If the bulb indicator goes out, then you need to crimp the rail down to get a good seat for the affected bulb socket, or bend the terminal clips inward so the bulb can seat firmly.

While you are inspecting bulbs, make sure they are the nickel-plated OSRAM, Sylvania or Philips bulbs. The cadmium-plated domestic bulbs have a slightly different resistance and will throw the bulb indicator system off.

If you don't have a manual, the correct wattage is embossed near each of the bulb sockets (for the taillights). Should be either 10W or 22W, I believe.
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