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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
Has the trans been checked? I've had customers say the trans is " slipping " when there was some other problem.

A truly slipping trans will have a spike in RPM on heavy throttle without a down shift.
Any opinion on how much it would cost for a new transmission for a 1998 E320 including installation? I've heard it's roughly a $3500 job though I've seen quotes higher than that. If I thought I could get another 2 or 3 years out of the car I'd put another 4 or 5 grand in it I think. But man it'd be a breaker to put that in and then it dies anyway.

Another interesting thing is that the transmission slipping has coincided with cold, wet weather. It seemed to do fine in warmer, drier weather. Of course it's going to rain here until March now.

I think my plan right now is to go to the Mercedes place near me that I trust, tell them I'm prepared to do the other minor repairs they noted as long as there isn't something huge that would kill the car, and see if I can make it through the winter. My guess is I couldn't get more than $500 for the car right now since the buyer would need to put in a new transmission. Oh well- thanks for your help!
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