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My 2000 E430 Sport replaced a similar spec '98 E430 Sport. The 2000 exhibits an annoying driveline vibration at 1900 - 2100 rpm when under slight load, like when beginning ascent of a slight grade, or on overrun, as when cresting a grade and applying slight throttle. It is most noticeable on the highway at 61 - 62 mph and at 2000 - 2100 rpm. It can be felt through the floorpan, on the accelerator pedal and steering wheel. On overrun it can be most noticeable and one can hear a slight "groan" when it happens. It only happens when very slight, gradual throttle is applied.

My '98 did not do this. My first thought is that I'm feeling the torque converter lock/unlock coupling "chatter" is it disengages. If so, somethings amiss.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm taking it in for service on Monday and would like a few opinions before go in.

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