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Daniel Pawlata
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Does my 1988 300CE haas any recalls?

Found this info on the internet and since my Pushbutton climate control unit does not work I wander if maybe there is some kind of a recall on this part? If there is one, than what do I do to save money?

Bulletins for 1988 Mercedes Benz 300CE (124 Chassis) L6-2960cc 3.0L SOHC (103)

Safety Recalls
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 95-0223 MAR 95 Recall - Wiring Harness Chafing/Shorting
CMP93-0613 JUL 93 Recall - Throttle Cable Bushing Replacement
93V095000 MAY 93 Recall 93V095000: Throttle Cable Bushing Replacement
88E012001 APR 88 Recall 88E012001: Seat Belt Buckle Defect

General Recalls
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 83_039 NOV 91 Campaign - ACC Pushbutton Control Unit
47_003A MAR 90 Campaign - Modified Restrictor For Fuel Filler Neck

This the website:
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