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Ok guys, in the course of the past half-year of my first Benz ownership, I have found the admin and members of this board to be a terribly valuable resource. They are reflective of the M-B owner's community in general, I now speculate.
All that said, in the course of talking to other owners in my area, I have made some friends. One of them drives a '84 190D, which is fairly close to my '85 190E, especially in chassis and cosmetics. He called me last night to come to his home garage looking for help. I promised him I would post this and I have forgotten until this afternoon.
He was changing the rear brakes on his 190 and he jacked up the car and only chocked the front of the front wheels. So, after removing the left tire, the jack promptly rolled and the car rolled back, NOT forward onto the wheel.

He then called me. I arrived about 5 mins later and re-jacked the car, chocking the front wheels properly and found that the metal shield on the bottom of the wheel had caught the weight of the car. I tested it to see if the wheel would still turn and everything _seemed_ ok. After prying and moving stuff...he decided to finish the brake job, re-attach the wheel and check it out the old-fashioned way. So, we drove the car around the block. Occasionally, the left rear wheel seemed to make a slight metal on metal scraping sound on braking, but not consistently. No other noises were noticable and the brakes felt normal, no fade.

Is there anything else I need to help him look for; or did he just get an incredibly lucky lesson in jacking safety?

Thanks guys,


John J. Meadows
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