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Originally Posted by shertex View Post
My 1998 E300D has the predictable beginnings of wheel well rust on all four corners. However, it's only visible on one of them (front left). My auto body guy tells me it will cost me about $160 a corner....pretty reasonable.
I had some rust on passenger side front fender. Had shop fix that - C$200 including painting entire panel. The otehr three wheel wells have a light rust just forming on the very edge which is only about 1/8" wide. I was going to sand, POR and touch up myself because if taped well, the repair would not be visible.

I did have some other rust that started inside the lower trim strips and spread until it could be see outside. It might be an idea to pull those trim strips and check the metal underneath.

The other place I had some light rust, was around the sunroof. Shop fixed that too. In total, I might have spent $600, but it was well worth it. And they did it at this time of the year. We were heading South, so car did not see salt once the repairs were done. If I were you I would wait for Spring. Maybe coat with a rust preventative until then. (We have all sorts available her, but I don't see them in USA - Krown, Rust Check, Fluid Film etc.)
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