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Hi Gilly,
I have 2000 E430, When I had my car in for B service last April, the service advisor at Fletcher Jones Motor Car in Newport Beach CA said that brake flush is recommended to be done every 2 years, but it is not part of the "FSS Service", therefore it is not paid for by MBUSA. I called MBUSA and the answear I got is the same "MBUSA does not pay for brake flush and coolant change".
Free schedule services means only items included in the "FSS Service". Other MB dealers service managers may be able to talk to MBUSA to pay for these 2 services, but not Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach CA. When I bought this car for my wife in April 2000, the sale rep said that ALL schedule maintenances for 4 years/50k miles are covered by MBUSA. Only when I brought the car in for Service B 2 years later I found that was not true. Gilly, Do you have info that you can share so that I can contact to confirm that brake flush and coolant change are part of schedule maintenances and are covered by MBUSA. Your dealer may have better customer service and works harder to please your customers, but not my dealer.

Darkmann, I changed front brake pads twice at 22K miles, first front pads are changed at 10 K with Pagid, second pads with ATE at 22K, my car is about 31K miles now and I am going to change both front and rear nest week along with front rotors, front pads will be Axxis Deluxe Plus which is very low dust according to some experts in this forum, rear pads will be Pagid. Avoid ATE pads, specially the front, ATE pads generate a lot of dust and it eats rotors like Gremlin.

Have a good day.
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