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Oops, you gotta buy some tools mate!!. Spark plug gapping gauge and a basic set of metric sockets. Can be had at Auto Zone w/o breaking your bank. Check your owners manual for correct gap setting. Then stick the gauge between the center electrode and ground electrode and bend the ground out or tap it in 'till you have the right distance. Torque means buying a torque wrench. If you're going to work on your car at all, it pays to have a decent torque wrench (many aluminum parts) 3/8's or 1/2 inch drive OK. BTW, get yourself a service manual for your car, or a W124 CD from parts shop here (if you have a computer, of course.) Torqueing simply means setting the wrench to the specified value and tightening the part until the wrench indicates you've reached the set value. You will really enjoy working on your car and you will learn a lot about your car in the process. Get that manual. Stupidity is not related to inexperience or lack of knowledge. Asking questions removes you from the "stupid" category. I learn something every time I log on to this site. Donnie, Steve, Larry and all the others are really great. Keep coming and keep asking those questions. Everyone here will be more than happy to help. Maybe you'll teach me something as well. Good luck and happy "torqueing".

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