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Clutch Fan Question 280CE M110

Going back and forth today I noticed the fan seemed to be very noisy (roaring) and belts squeeking, since its not very warm and I don't drive very far I couldn't understand this, so when I stopped I checked the fan and seams to be locked solid.

So is this a terminal problem with the clutch, or might it resolve itself?, I know some people try to make this happen on purpose, but I doubt it would be desireable this time of year, although temperture reaches normal. I havn't had time to take it out on the highway to see if its present through all conditions, might an "Italian Tune Up" free it up.

While I have heard of this happening with other makes, I did a search and cannot find anyone else who has experienced a lock up, it seams to fail the other way.

any sage advice for me?.
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