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Hi Guys

Just thought I would give you the UK comparator:

Our equivalent to the plate fee is the vehicle excise duty, which is around $225 per year (There are exceptions like if your car only has one cylinder and burns sandal wood). To obtain this your vehicle must pass a road worthiness examination if your vehicle is more than 3 years old. The fee for the examination varies but lets say $45 but most car owners will pick up a bill for work needed to rectify faults and most smile if they only have to pay exam fee!

However our real tax sting is in what we pay at the pump which is a combination of fuel price, fuel duty and value added tax. We currently pay around $5.25 per UK gallon for ordinary unleaded and I believe around 80% of that is the tax take. So, I suppose the average motorist covers 10,000 miles per annum at an average of 30 mpg (I get 26) so total fuel tax $1400 per year

I hope UK Govt do not attempt the 'property tax' approach - because they would apply that as an addition. We would have to emulate the tea party if that was the case.

All in all we pay a helluva lot and our roads are s***!

I have considered campaigning for the man with the red flag to be re-introduced it would speed up city driving by an order of magnitude.

Keep smiling

230 TE (W124) 1989 with 153,000 miles on the clock - hoping for at least another 100K
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