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My experience has been different than all of the other replies.

I have always considered myself a heckuva nice guy, but I went to three different dealers here in Southern California, and was told the same story three different times:

The maintenance and repair records belong to the owner - not the car. If person A had the work done, then they belong to him - not to you. If you want the records for person A, then he needs to get them on your behalf.

I tried everything - was as charming and handsome as I can be - and nobody budged. I even tried calling on the telephone - nothing worked.

I was told everytime that they could only provide me with a VMI - Vehicle Master Inquiry - which is only a record of the work that was done under warranty or recall.

If you are able to get all of the service and maintenance history like some or all of the others preceeding my reply, then I think you are lucky as you need them to "look the other way" and break their own rules in giving you this history.

Wishing you the best of luck,
Paul S.

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