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In Dallas county the cost for annual tag renewal is around $80. I think they charge an extra buck if you register by mail, which seems opposite of reason. The property tax on personal vehicles was repealed a few years ago. It usually ran $400-$600 for a $30,000 car.

Insurance rates are relatively high in this county. Cheaper if you live just to the north in Collin County. Better roads, too.

Just had my state inspection done today. $39.50 for the new test which monitors emissions under load. Older (pre-'96) have to be put on a "treadmill" with a probe in the car's rectum. Was pleased to pass with flying colors. My CO % was ZERO under load! Neither the tester nor I understand this anomaly. Maybe MB had invented the virtually emissions free engine in 1994-95 and failed to recognize it.
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