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safe and slow, but not rare. Depends which 190D. My 2.2 (4 cylinder) is very slow, but very reliable. relatively dependable. Great first car except VERY underpowered (0-60 mph in about 17 seconds as per factory spec). That's not good if she gets in a jam and needs to get out in a hurry, say, when that 18-wheeler is about to hit her. Car teaches you timing and patience. 2.2's were sold '84-'84.

The 5 cylinder 2.5 is, apparently as reliable but much faster. like having a 6 cyl. with a 4 cyl. fuel consumption. These are rare and I don't know much about'em. My190D is a daily (124 miles per day) driver and is as reliable as my 1996 mustang. I fully expect my 2 year old drive it in 14 years as his first car (I'm NOT kidding).
feel free to ask any other questions.
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