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Just a couple weeks ago the brakes on this car was better than my 84's brakes. It had a really soft pedal, but the brakes were still fairly grippy. Then they dwindled away to this....

It has been getting down to single digit temperatures (F) here almost every night now. No leaky calipers, or lines. Actually speaking of leaks, I see the paint on the booster assembly has peeled off due to a previous leak apparently. Looks like it must of gushed out from where the MC meets the booster, it is all dry now though. The fluid itself looks clean, unlike my when I bought my 84, swamp water.... The MC itself looks mighty simple, however I didn't see the rebuild kit in fastlane. Where do I find it?

Doesn't the brake booster just make it easier for the driver? With a bad booster I would think the pedal would be very hard no matter if the car was running or not.

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