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Originally posted by thejoyboy1962
Ahh! Mike mover, a musician....Me too, what do you play? What is your Gear? When you say very little money in regards to the tranny, How much is little money? (approx)
I've seen used trannys go for $200-$300...occasionally less on eBay, or you could always get a parts car for a few hundred bucks that has a good tranny, and you'd have a supply of lots of other parts too, or part it out to recover the cost of the tranny. There's lots of ways to go about it. See my post in the "parts" section...My new buddy Chris can probably hook you up with one: Found GREAT used parts source in Atlanta!

Mark Herzig in the previous post has a very good point--If the car has been sitting for a couple of years or more, you could end up with a lot of bad seals, and spend a lot of time and $$ fixing leaks. Early 70s models are bad about rusting too, so check it out VERY carefully! If it has always been a CA car, rust probably won't be an issue, though...

As far as the music...I'm a a 70s-vintage Slingerland kit that I'm in love with! The band is called doubleDrive. Also check out this post: doubleDrive

A couple of the guys here have heard our stuff, and seem to dig it.

Let us know what you decide on the car!
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