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Thumbs up Babybenz has a kid brother... and it has a hard start issue!!!Help!!!


My kid brother just got himself a 1990 190e 1.8 (call it Kidbenz).

Pic to be posted soon. It's got 15" AMGs and is lowered.

Looks good but has an intermittent hard start problem, hot or cold.

He just called me a couple of minutes ago and said that he managed to run the car on the 10th start with some help from the accelerator. Earlier starts with accel did not help.

Idles perfectly thereafter. No stalling problem.

Also mentioned that while idling, there is a loud, low humming sound that comes on every few minutes for about 5 seconds from the rear of the car. Fuel pump going bad???

Slight smell of fuel everytime the car is parked. What gives???

I have spare OVP and FPR that we will put in tomorrow and see how it goes.

But I am pretty sure the humming is a sign of the FP going south. Am I wrong?

Lastly, while idling, there is a significant hissing sound in his 190e near the fuse box that is not apparent on my car. Is it a leak?

Kidbenz has just been around for 6 days and I really want my kid bro to enjoy his Benz.

Anyone have thoughts about this long list of crap?

Fortunately, cooling is no issue in his car and i am helping him to install a second aux fan as his only has one. His electromag fan is working, unlike mine...

Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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