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Kestas offers good information, but it is for the M104, two cam engine, not the M103 single cam as is yours.

I pulled the head on my M103 like yours and did it as JackD did his. The head is aluminum and weighs nothing. For me it was MUCH easier leaving the intake in place. There are so many connnectors that are 15 years old and prone to breaking that it will save lots of trouble by leaving it in place. You will have to get underneath for a few of the intake bolts, but with a proper toolbox full of extensions, this will be no problem.

There are a few things you must be aware of such as how to deal with the timing chain tensioner, and how to properly put the rocker arm assemblies in place without stripping holes, but we can get you through all that. There is also a bit of a trick to getting the upper timing cover in place so that it doesn't leak.

Also, I would not even dream of simply replacing the head gasket without doing a valve job with new valve guides while you have the head off.

A great machine shop for doing the valve job properly and without gouging the price is "Bailey Crankshaft" in Dallas.

Good luck,
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