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M D Nugent
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Thumbs up Mo' on Washington (the state)

Rockman59's right about what we accomplished a couple of years ago (getting all car renewals reduced significantly), although certain counties and (I think) some cities have tacked on "fees" since then pushing the total annual cost to as much as $75 per car.

Before the new law, for comparison, I was paying over $1000 a year for our "fleet" of daily drivers, RV, competition car, motorcycle, etc.

But the best deal of all is what our state calls Collector Vehicle Plates. That's a primary reason why I bought a '72 for my Mercedes SL project. Cars 30 years old can pay a ONE-TIME registration of about $50. That's right, NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES at all! Only downside is that you can't have a vanity CV Plate . . . I'll just have to get used to that.
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